Eligibility and Criteria

SSSNY intake will use the following students’ selection criteria in order to select 32 students for SJEP . The Selection Committee of the school makes a final decision after the placement test. The Selection Committee is made up of the Advisory Team members and staff members.

Selected applicants will be youth from Shan State with a proven community commitment or organizational affiliation, who would like to strengthen their knowledge of social justice issues, such as democracy and human rights. They are encouraged to apply to the program, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender or previous education. In particular, youth currently actively working with communities in Shan State are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • Resident by birth in or former resident of Shan State
  • Age between 18 – 26 years old (selection panel reserves the right to determine if age has been falsified if documents are not provided to support claimed age).
  • Indication of social awareness and commitment in the application form, which will include recommendation letters from a community leader, as well as in selection interviews in first language and English and written tests. Recommendation letters must be from someone known by the applicant for at least one year; misrepresentation of association may result in cancellation of the application. Recommendations will be checked for authenticity.
  • Clear commitment to self-development and evidence of persistence in assigned work or tasks.


Test scores are considered together with interviews in first language and English to help determine who is selected for the program. The school maintains a policy of diversity of nationalities and tries to keep a gender balance.

Interviews are highly important in the selection process; applicants are encouraged to speak as much as possible. There are no correct answers in the interview, apart from personal information; it is an opportunity for applicants to show their language and analytical skills. Applicants are not expected to speak perfect English, but to try hard and to do their best. Commitment to community level work is preferable to perfect English ability!